May the Tweets Be Ever In Your Favor

This week, a craze hit social media like a frenzy.  Seton Hall was challenged to participate in the #JRLWeb challenge.  I paired up with Vani and we set off like it was the Hunger Games.  Our goal was to find different ways to promote school spirit through the use of Twitter.  In this challenge, we found different pictures and quotes to showcase school spirit, education opportunities, and even scenic campus spots.  This was an exciting way to see how one could leverage campus pride by social media platforms.

Interactions with Schools

A really fun part of this scavenger hunt was to interact with other students.  These were not just Seton Hall students, these were students nation wide.  The ones listed below were the responses that myself and Vani made that I thought were good conversation starters.

Top Tweets from Other Schools

An interesting portion of this exercise was to look at other schools tweets.  Some of the best tweets were the ones that contained wit and humor.  Below are the best tweets that Vani and i enjoyed the most!


After our scavenger hunt was finished, Vani and I were impressed with not only SHU’s efforts, but other schools’ efforts as well.  It was an eye-opening experience in that so many schools and people were connected by a simple hashtag. Although each school had the same assignment, the variety of tweets and pictures were interesting and simply shows how social media can be so versatile in use. Of course, with any task there are challenges to overcome.While it was difficult at times to adhere to Twitter’s 140 character word count, it allowed Vani and I to be more creative with our descriptions; less really is more. Also, we had to constantly make sure that our captions matched what our picture was showing– if the two did not sync up it was clear that one of the features had to change. Overall, the Twitter Scavenger Hunt Challenge was a fun and educational experience and opportunity to learn more about our schools, our communities and above all, social media.


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