An the Award Goes to…An Acclaimed PR Strategy

Tis the season for award shows. While actors, producers and directors get ready and start writing their acceptance speeches, public relations pros are gearing up for the coming season. For the entertainment industry, publicity teams need to utilize every second they can for spreading original and creative content to publicize their talent. In the blog, “Spin Sucks,” there are ways to really utilize the different movies nominated.


Know your films

An important part of the award season is to know the players.  There are different categories films to look out for.  These films fit into several categories.  The first category includes blockbuster content.  These are genuinely amazing and unexpected movies that are a sure-fire hit.  There are also safe bets: Movies with big name directors and producers that are predicted to be huge winners. There is niche content which involves indie or less popular films.  These are innovative films that wouldn’t be obvious choices for award winners.  For creating strategies for these films, there needs to be a lot of research and labor into these campaigns.  There needs to be smart and strategic tactics implemented for them to go the extra mile. Above all it is essential to avoid a box office bomb.  Mentioning movies that failed in the box office is recipe for disaster.

Tricks of the Trade

Once you understand the different films that are out there, it is time to create a strategy.  When creating a campaign here are several tips to help you during this season:

  • Create content that reflects the audience
  • Plan and organize your content
  • Make a strategic plan that has variety

Keeping these in mind will assist you in your journey to creating quality content for your client.  Content needs to be relevant to your audience and be strategic and organized.  Executing all of these while demonstrating your knowledge in the field, and you will be going home a winner.

Photo Credit: mobo85 via Compfight cc


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