Blog RIght Onto the Twitter Chat Room

Let’s face it, we all have a Twitter…or at least I would hope you know what a Twitter is.  However did you ever hear of a Twitter chat?  That was a concept that blew my mind.  Social media that actually required you to be social and communicate.  This week I had the pleasure of participating in a Twitter chat, in particular #BlogChat created by Mark Collier.  Every Sunday, a group of blog enthusiasts answer a question of the week (submitted by those who follow the chat) and by using the hashtag, the conversations starts rolling.  Overall it was a great opportunity, I had learned a lot of different blogs to try as well as what an incredible resource Twitter chats are!  Below are the tweets I had posted during the chat.

As you can see, I hit the ground running and was on my way to a more experienced Twitter chatter.  It’s to be noted that what makes the chat so interesting is how close a community can come together for a cause.  Interacting with other participates in this chat was an incredible experience, seen in the following tweets…

I really enjoyed this response to my question.  I had never looked at the “letterman” approach so this was an insightful and useful tip that I will use later in my career.

This was hands down the highlight of the chat!  When I asked for PR blog recommendations, I was told to check out “Spin Sucks.”  This is a blog I already follow and love to read.  The blogger of “Spin Sucks,” was tagged in the tweet and she tweeted at me.  I felt like it was a celebrity tweeting at me.  This was a prime example of how much of a great resource a Twitter chat can be!


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